Journaling as a Coping Mechanism

First and foremost, we at OmniaWrite hope that everyone reading this is safe and in good health. To those that have been affected by the Coronavirus, personally or through a family member or close friend, our hearts go out to you and we wish a speedy and full recovery. [Read More]

Do I need a Writing Software?

Do you want to write a book to put your fantasies on paper or earn money with your writing but are still looking for the right writing program or software? As an author, you have many options, yet most books are still written on Word from Microsoft or its free... [Read More]

Multitasking is a lie

Human attention is a limited resource

In the computer science field, multitasking describes the ability of an operating system to carry out several tasks virtually at the same time. For quite some time now, this idea has been applied to people, dividing them into good or bad multitaskers. What people experience as multitasking is probably influenced... [Read More]