First and foremost, we at OmniaWrite hope that everyone reading this is safe and in good health. To those that have been affected by the Coronavirus, personally or through a family member or close friend, our hearts go out to you and we wish a speedy and full recovery.

What does journaling offer us?

Journaling is a pastime that spans not only centuries, but also cultures. Journals or diaries have been used historically to record government affairs, religious experiences, travel, diets, and sleep patterns, among other things; but perhaps the most well known topic of journals is that of the human experience. Daily life might seem trivial when it is happening, but when put down in writing it is a powerful and concrete representation of a person’s individual experience. Not only that, but journaling about daily life and especially one’s emotions has been proven to have a positive impact on an individual’s mental state by providing an outlet for self reflection and emotional catharsis, ultimately leading to a better understanding of oneself and a more positive mindset.

Journaling in the time of COVID-19

Understanding this, it is no wonder that a number of academic sources, including Connecticut College, Michigan State University, and the NY Times, are recommending journaling as a way to cope with the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the flood of information being spread about the Coronavirus, some of it conflicting, some more severe than many of us expected, it is understandable that many are feeling overwhelmed, confused, and stressed. Writing down our thoughts and feelings in combination with facts and events at any given time allows us to create a new perspective through which to process them as well as keep ourselves grounded and more self aware.

Writing prompts

We at OmniaWrite encourage you to explore the benefits of journaling, whether you choose to write with pen and paper or using our software to organize your thoughts no matter where you are. To help get your gears turning, consider some of these writing prompts:

  • What is something that currently makes you happy/boosts your mood?
  • How has your daily life changed? How do the changes make you feel? Do you have/want to create a routine and what does it look like?
  • What stressed you out today? Is there a way you can tackle that so it doesn’t stress you out as much in the future?
  • What are you looking forward to doing when things return to normal?

Lila Johnson
Editor and Contributor